Website Design F.A.Q

1. Why Squarespace

Squarespace provides stunning templates, beautiful customization, and quality features are all at your fingertips. They are stunning, mobile responsive and very flexible, making them the right choice for a professional website.

2. Do you work on other web design platforms?

No, Squarespace is the platform that gives the best results for most businesses. They are the best platform for you to experience a turn-key solution. Once I complete the website design, and you receive training on your website, Squarespace makes it easy for you to maintain your website.

3. Will you write my website copy?

If you are in need of a copywriter for your website, I would be happy to make a referral.

4. Do you handle all the images for my website?

Squarespace is partnered with Unsplash, allowing you to insert any Unsplash image onto your website. Many of my clients use a mix of their own images as well as some from Unsplash. It depends largely on your brand message. If you would prefer your own images but are in need of a photographer, I would be happy to provide a referral.

5. Do I need to have my website layout, copy and images ready before you begin my project?

In an ideal world, yes you would have all of that prepared before beginning. Often the process of building a website, causes a revisiting of your website copy.

6. How do I handle domain and hosting fees? Can I transfer my domain?

Squarespace has four price plans to choose from – two website builder plans, and two online store plans. Which one you choose depends on your needs. With any of their plans, you receive a free custom domain, SSL security, and 24/7 support. If you purchased your domain from a domain provider, you can point your domain to your Squarespace website within your site. If you have a domain already, pointing your domain to your Squarespace website is part of my Web Design Packages.

7. Do you offer payment plans?

Not currently. A deposit is due on booking your start date, and the final payment is due the day that your website goes live.

8. Why do you have an initial deposit? Is it refundable?

Building your website is a very important process in growing your business. A deposit ensures that both of us are vested in the project. Since the deposit is 50% of the total contract price, it is non-refundable.

9. Will you maintain my website after we launch?

Squarespace is designed to be DIY. Squarespace empowers you to take control of your content with their easy to use back-end.

10. What if I am not happy after we have completed all the revisions?

Together we will revisit your contract to ensure that all the web design work meets the original scope of work. We will discuss next steps and work toward the common goal of getting your website live.

11. Do I need to book your time in advance

Booking in advance provides you the time that you need to collect all your Copy, Images and Website Structure, ensuring that eveything is ready to go when the project begins. It also ensures that I finish other client projects and am able to dedicate the time to your project, and only your project.

12. Are creating Wireframes part of the package?

Wireframes are simple black and white layouts that outline the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas and navigation for your website. It is your Blueprint, a visual process for your project. It is a necessary part of building your website. It will allow us to have complete clarity on website features. They also help to save time on the entire project.

13. Do we require a contract?

Having a contract ensures that there will be no misunderstanding about process, timeline, deliverables, payment, or any aspects of the project.It provides us clear expectations and helps to remind us where we are in the process.

14. Am I able to track my website metrics?

Analytics are included with each website and it’s easy to add Google Analytics tracking to your website. I'll also walk you through the desktop metrics module and the metrics app that lets you use any mobile device to access page views, visitor statistics, sales, and track social media so you're always informed. The app is currently available for IOS and ANDROID devices at no extra cost.

15. With Squarespace I can do it myself.

Yes, maybe. In my experience building a website turns out to be way more then you imagined. It takes time to build a wehsite that is SEO optimized, properly represents your brand, and is professional looking. It can be frustrating to spend all that time building your site and giving up because you don't have 100% focus on getting it completed. In addition, when you do get it complete, and then you are unhappy with it, it can be demotivating and a source of frustration.

Business Strategy F.A.Q.

1. When should I hire you? What stage in my business?

In an ideal world, when you first start out but that's not realistic. When you start to feel that you are working to much in the day-to-day of your business and not in the growing of your business, it is a good time to get started. It is also a good time to get started when you don't know how many tools you have and which ones you are actually using. Bringing on more team members is also a great time to look at systems and strategy.

2. How will we work together?

All clients are different so there is no out-of-the-box answer. We will start by looking at where you need support. What you current business looks like. We can work on one process or system or take a look at all of them. Everything starts with a Consultation and Strategy session.

3. Where do we start?

Let's schedule a time to discuss your business, you, your business goals and the areas you are struggling with. Then we can take it from there.

4. Do you do all the work? Or do I do all the work?

Together we decide on the best process. Some business owners really like to be hands on, while others like to leave the work to the experts. If it is the latter, then we would ensure that you have the appropriate training.

5. How do we work together?

What we work on depends on where you need support. I am here to help you get things in order, determine the right resources (people or systems) you will need to effectively move forward.It's always best to move forward with a strategy session.

6. How long does all this take?

Some of my clients take there time working through the process while others have a scheduled timeline in mind. We will determine what would work for you in our initial consultation call. Work at your pace, I will adapt.

7. Results, how long till I see them?

If you have purchased a package, then you have 3-6 months to use it, depending on the package. Some of my clients and I work together for years, others we are working together intensly and then we have regular check-ins. Results depend on timeline.

8. How much do you charge?

The best thing to do is contact me to let me know what you need help with. My pricing is broken down by either project, packages and monthly fees. It's important that we determine what your needs are as that will dictate the pricing structure. For example, If you have a larger process to review and integrate, then hourly billing doesn't make sense. Packages start at $450.00.

More questions? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to chat!